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Being, not doing

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We are very happy to be able to offer individually designed retreats at Cousserat, in this beautiful part of South West France, focused exclusively on you and your specific needs.  Penny, your host at Cousserat, is a chartered psychologist and wellbeing coach who will be your coach and teacher for most of the retreat sessions you book.  You will be able to have a free, one hour telephone conversation prior to arrival to talk about what would be best for you in your custom designed retreat package. 


Penny has been working as an organisational psychologist for 30 years and has now transitioned her practice to focus on wellbeing and coaching.  She brings her experience of mindfulness, positive psychology and resilience into her work. 

The retreat you choose can be designed for up to 6 people, so that you can share this space and relaxation time with friends or loved ones.  However, if travelling with others who do not want to participate in retreat activities, the various options you choose can be attended just by you.  The types of activities that you can choose to take part in are:

  • Yoga - to suit all levels, led by a qualified yoga teacher

  • Mindfulness meditations and walks

  • Life with wellbeing coaching sessions

  • Journal writing

  • Relaxation exercise

Please note that food and drink is not included and the retreat will be provided on a self-catered basis. The cost of the retreat ranges from £150-£800 depending on what you choose to do.  We offer a 10% discount on your Cousserat holiday rental price if you book a retreat package.

How to book: Contact Penny by email at for further details and she will book in a free consultation call with you.


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