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Le Marché

Markets are part of daily life here in France, especially so in the small towns and villages near Cousserat, where many locals go to buy delicious, freshly produced foods. That said, the markets are much more than a mere exchange of produce and pennies, they are a big part of the social calendar and a sort of emblem of French culture itself. From food to flea markets, we’re going to outline some of the different markets that you can take advantage of during your stay with us at Cousserat Holiday Homes.


Les jours de marché

Fresh vegetables sold at the local markets.
Fresh vegetables sold at the local markets.

Let’s start with the heart and soul of the market scene: les jours de marché (the daily market). With market-goers from all walks of life, from the old and young going about their daily errands, to holidaymakers trying to decide which cheese to buy, these markets really are a people watcher’s delight!

Artisan soap
Artisian soap sold at Sainte-Foy-la-Grande market.

At the jours de marché you will find lots of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and fromage, and other wonderful locally produced foods and drinks. At some of the larger markets you can also find souvenirs, artisan products, bags and clothes, and in high season many will also have musicians playing, adding even more atmosphere to the scene.

There are at least one or two markets daily within a short drive from Cousserat Holiday Homes. One of the most prized in the region is the Sainte-Foy-la-Grande market on a Saturday and another popular one with our guests is the Issigeac Sunday market, which is a little further away but well worth the trip.

Issigeac Church and Sunday Market
Issigeac Church and Sunday Market


Marché Nocturne

Marché Nocturne (night markets) are held seasonally and are very social events indeed. The markets are normally centred around a village square with tables set in the middle. The surrounding stalls will sell a variety of food, where you can grab a bite to eat, bring along a bottle of wine, sit at the table and mingle with the other locals and holidaymakers. There is often lots of music and dancing - it really is a fun evening where rural France comes to life!

Our nearest night market is in Duras, running every Thursday from 30th June - 1st September 2022.



Vintage French furniture
Furniture on sale at a Brocante.

We love a good brocante! You can find so many worldly treasures there. A Brocante is a flea market, or antiques fair, where the stalls are run by brocanteurs (dealers in second hand goods). Our guests are always fascinated by one of our brocante finds: a pile of 1950s magazines. We cut out the jolly adverts and decorated the interior of the wardrobe that’s in Le Mûrier Gîte.

Black and white wardrobe interior
Wardrobe interior of Le Mûrier Gîte using French vintage magazine cuttings.

Our favourite Brocante is @brocanterauzan. You can spend hours there looking at all the interesting things - luckily there is a little cafe, some food stalls and a toilet to keep you going.



Often confused with a brocante, a vide-grenier is more like a jumble or car-boot sale, yet it is just as much full of interesting finds. In fact, you really get to know the story and the people behind the products as it is often family trinkets and treasures on sale.

Records on sale
Records on sale at a vide-grenier

The cute dressing table in Le Mûrier gite was bought at the Rauzan Brocante mentioned above and we were so lucky to find this beautiful art nouveau wardrobe on an online vide-grenier sale. It was bought from such a sweet couple in Bordeaux, who told us stories about this piece of furniture and how it had belonged to her mother in Paris, during the war.

French art nouveau wardrobe
Art nouveau wardrobe found at a vide-grenier

You never know when a vide-grenier will pop up, we do keep an eye out for them, so if you are staying with us then we will keep you informed.

Et voila! Now let's go shopping...

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