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Autumn beauty

Well, my promise to self to write a blog post each month has been broken. Still, as I'm practicing mindful self-compassion at the moment, I won't ponder on that or beat myself up about it. Being kind to ourselves during this pandemic is so important. Since the beginning of September I've been super busy with my other business of working as an organisational psychologist, which went quiet during the first lockdown period. I'm very grateful that I'm still able to work and earn during this period of uncertainty.

So what to focus on in this blog when it's more difficult to get out and about? Well, autumn has arrived, one of my very favourite seasons at Cousserat. The colours are exquisite as the rolling vineyards turn so many tones of yellow, orange and red.

For this blog then I'm simply going to present you with a small sample of some of my favourite autumn photos so that you can share in what we experience at this time every year. If you are able to travel next year, this is one of the best times to visit.

I'm not the best photographer (yet!) but this photo on the left was taken last week and is a view of the vines that we wake up to every morning. Blue skies, early morning mist and technicolour vines - it's really difficult to capture the beauty of this in a photo but I hope this is better than nothing.

The vines are just spectacular and autumn walks through the vines are amazing.

Autumn is still a time of growth - acorns and toadstools arrive up near the copse at Cousserat.

This is also a time for harvesting; the pears fall from the trees and our annual harvest of butternut squash is ready to eat and store for the winter months.

Finally, our day time and evening skies are as wonderful as ever. This photo of an evening sky was taken last November and the fabulous cloud formation was captured last month, contrasting superbly with the turquoise of our newly renovated pool. Beautiful!

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